❔❓ What is Natural Horsemanship? ❔❓

Natural Horsemanship to me is about learning the psychology of the horse, so we can understand why the horse responds the way it does. Their brains are wired completely differently to ours; we are the ultimate predator and they are the ultimate prey. What is logical to them is sometimes completely illogical to us. We try to learn their language, so the communication between us and them is improved. Ultimately, we end up with a more relaxed horse, which is much safer than a tense one, and achieving better results than what we may have achieved otherwise. We get to work with our horses without the necessity of bridles or halters, reins or ropes, to control them, both on the ground and riding them. If we chose to put a bridle on, it is to refine the communication even more, not to control.

Obviously that is pretty advanced but absolutely achievable for any horse and rider who are both physically able and put the time in! Have a look at what can be done in the video below. Enjoy!


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