Here’s where we are at with our  Rescue/Foster Program.

Our latest rescue, Archie, is coming along really well but still needs a couple more people involved, whether that’s financially at $20/week and /or time.

Archie has progressed so well that he is nearly ready to start work under saddle.

Should you be interested in getting on board for the next rescue, we can do this with just 4 or 5 people  committing some regular time, even if it can only be 1-2 days a week, and $20-$30/week.

The volunteers would be helping the people who foster/buy, ( put in the $) & filling in the gaps on those days that a foster person can’t make it, or coming and helping them when they can. The hands on is equally as important as the $.

If you’re ready to get started,  let me know.
To get a hold of me, text is best!

Cheers everybody.


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