Here’s where we are at with our Foster Program.

At the moment we need some funding to bring in the next horse but I’m getting so many offers of help I’m starting to think that if each volunteer could manage $20/ wk we would go ahead now. If you could manage that, please let me know.

There is work to be done now to prepare the 2 paddocks I have put aside for the rescues until they’re well & strong enough to join others horses. We also need to improve the work areas, as they need mulch spread to protect hooves & joints etc. when the horse is worked, especially in the early days when they are at their weakest.
The volunteers would be helping the people who foster ( put in the $) & filling in the gaps on those days that a foster person can’t make it, or coming and helping them when they can. The hands on is equally as important as the $.
The upside to starting now before the horse arrives is that is you will already start to learn how we do things & have some skills in place when the next rescue does arrive.

If you’re ready to get started, again let me know.
To get a hold of me, text is best!

Cheers everybody.

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