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Giddy Up GGs

Giddy Up GG’s

🔷 Teaching the A – Z of Horses & Horsemanship. 🔷

Welcome to Giddy Up GG’s,

This site is designed to introduce you to us

our standards

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our horses

our programs

our ethics

our quality of teaching

Mish & Bandana

erin and giz

Here at

Giddy Up GG’s’

  we proudly offer

  •   A safe, friendly and supportive environment

  •   Superior tuition in riding & training horses,

  •   A range of horses suitable for all levels of confidence & experience,

  •  An incredibly broad range of topics and subjects, designed to give an holistic knowledge of horses. (Check out our certificates ➡)

Development of-

Alana & Kai


  • Self confidencehaving fun  

  • Respect for self, others and animals

  • Good work ethic

  • Genuine skills that can be used in the ‘real world’, be it work, school or home.Kerrie & Embers

  • Solid depth of knowledge, goal setting and achieving

Our Goals

To produce confident, competent, skilled people; both with horses and life . People with the skills to thrive in their chosen endeavors.


We teach our students to communicate with the horses using horse language not people language. This teaches the student to focus on the physical responses & emotional reactions of the horses, rather than their own agenda. This in turn greatly enhances their communication skills with other people. ( Sorry, this doesn’t apply to siblings!). Please watch the video below to see some of the results possible using this methodology. There is another, longer, video on the ‘What is Natural Horsemanship?’ page.

danica's 078

bareback, 1 rein riding


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